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Winger CRM
Make your Real Estate Business Easy & Stress-free.

We aim to minimize the monotonous post-sales process and also to increase the transparency between the builder and the customer.

Why Winger CRM?

Best CRM for real estate

Key Concepts

  • Streamlined lead management tool wherein nurturing of leads can be simplified.
  • Property allocation directly to the customers has been made easy via property chart.
  • Addition of employees for surplus access and effortless customer management.
  • Database of customers can be maintained and added without any restriction.
  • News and banners that will notify the customer regarding public messages, to provide
    information or for branding purposes in no time.
  • Reports can be generated in the form of PDF for future use.
  • Raising tickets will ensure that the issue isn’t left unnoticed.
  • Sharing of E-documents at utmost privacy.

What we offering

Amazing Project Management Altogether

Software starts from USD 999  (One-Time)*


Clients Says About Winger CRM, Greater Service Starts Here.

Your are The Center Of Our Galaxy


Real-estate CRMs are available in plenty, but hardly you find a CRM that will enable you to communicate to your customers after they purchase the property. Winger CRM covers the full spectrum of CRM from enquiry till customer delicacy.

Winger CRM will enable your team to communicate with your customers bringing ease of communication and transparency as the documents can be shared to them using digital medium. The document includes but not limited to, EC, building sketch, approval documents, EB approval letter, EB cards, bank loan documents, floor sketches, etc., You have the flexibility to add or remove any number of documents.

You can upload the documents in PNG, PPT, PDF, Word, JPEG, etc.,

Once you sell a property to your customer, they get a separate username and password and they can access all the information about the property as well they can upload the KYC documents including (Address proof, ID proof, etc.,) Depending on your requirement you can collect any information and the documents will be stored in your private cloud.

The documents are securely stored in a private cloud. You have a choice to opt for your server or it will reside in your private folder of AWS Cloud from Winger CRM.

A proper CRM and a document management system will streamline your day-to-day activities and helps in improving business relationships. Also, you can measure the pending enquiries, pending communications and get a deep understanding of what is impacting your business. Also, in the post sales section you will find adhoc requests, which is an area usually gets ignored and difficult for the builders to get the payments for the customization request. Using Winger CRM, all these custom requests are recorded, and you have a complete transparency and trace of the work done to justify and collect extra payment from the customer.

In the dashboard as well in the menu various options are available for tracking enquiries, its sources, and the customer induction. Once the customer purchases the property, you can allot a specific unit to them and then the magic starts. The customer will be able to interact with you on real-time instead of telephonic or WhatsApp communication where you lose the trace. The system records every conversation, by which you can bring accountability to both your staffs and your customers.

Yes. You will be able to track your project’s progress and your team’s progress in every step. Downloadable reports will show your progress and the pending items, which will be easier for you to improve the timelines.

Yes, you can. The enquiries or leads will need to be uploaded and we have provisions to upload bulk enquiries using simple excel sheets.

Depending upon the subscription plan, you will be able to manage one or multiple projects in the same login. A master login is provided to you and through that you can allot any number of users with respective permissions for the screens and access. Literally no other restrictions for you and your team to use and engage with Winger CRM.

Winger CRM has a policy of private documentation. So, your data is only yours. We are in the business of selling user friendly software and we respect your privacy and confidentiality towards your data. In case of any breach, we can help you with auditing your login and system to provide a report on from which login you lost the data. Keeping the passwords secure and providing only necessary access to your staffs should be your priority. We can assist in these areas during the onboarding process.

We will take care of the necessary technical support from Winger CRM team. You can raise your concerns or issues in the chatbox given at the right bottom of the website. Someone from the technical team will get in touch with you to clarify your queries

Yes, absolutely. On signing up, you will be allotted with an account manager who will schedule a zoom or google meet with your team and explain the entire system and also provide you with the onboarding kit, which will have dozens of training materials. Also, in every screen you will find a simple button for “How to use the screen”, which will help anyone who wants to use the system to navigate.

You can use this software in any computer with an internet access

As of now, we are developing a mobile-optimized version and we soon will be launching the mobile version, along with a mobile app.

Winger CRM is web-based software, you can also avail the on-premise solution and the pricing will be varied. You can check with our customer experience team using the contact form.

Contact Us

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